Beyond darkness…

About a year back, Helmgast announced that a new edition of Kult was in the works and launched a kickstarter for the new game. By coincidence, the new edition of Delta Green was kickstarted almost simultaneously. These two are among my absolute favorite RPGs, all categories, and I had a really hard time choosing which one to support. It ended up being Delta Green, mainly because I really like the d100/BRP system and because the new edition of Kult was to be based on Apocalypse World, which really isn’t my cup of tea.

However, the advent of a new Kult edition did reignite my interest in Kult and for a while I had this idea that I was going to write a Kult hack for Delta Green, but it turned out to be extremely tedious, so recently I decided to run some good ole’ Kult goodness using the original rules. Over the years, I have owned three editions of Kult – the Swedish 1st and 2nd editions and the American 1st edition (which is similar to the Swedish 1e, only in book form instead of a box). Over the years, I have also sold or traded them since we didn’t get to play the game, but at this point, I think that the time is right for some Kult:ish goodness…

This time however, I’m going with 7eme Cercle’s 2004 (?) 3rd edition reboot of the game, as it’s the most complete of the versions. Some people seem to hate this edition, but I kinda like it and honestly – the differences between the Kult editions are very small. And I pick and use what I like anyway and discard what I don’t like, so…


Kult – Beyond the Veil


As for the new edition, I will probably buy the book when it comes to my FLGS. Mostly for the fluff and update to the 2010s but also because it promises to be a pretty book. Hell, we might even take the rules for a spin, but my main Kult rule set will be the old Kult.

In the absence of the old Kult forum/website, created by and run by fellow Scandinavian Torb, I created this blog in the hopes that it can replace some of the “hub for Kult fans” functions that the old site had.

So, stay tuned for more Kult-related stuff!



3 thoughts on “Beyond darkness…

    1. Thanks! I hope to play Kult next year. We’ve in the middle of a Masks of Nyarlahotep campaign right now and then I have another game coming up. After that, it’s Kult time. We had some really good times back when we played the Swedish 1st edition – my players still talk about that campaign. Also, I’m honored that one one of the original authors have noticed my little blog thing 🙂 My intent with it, as you say, is to try to keep the old editions of Kult alive also after the 4th edition has been published.


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