A KULT story

The old cement factory

With my newfound interest in KULT, I found some old homebrew KULT adventures and adventure notes in one of my old RPG boxes.

Among those notes, I found this in-character adventure diary that one of my players wrote as we played one of the adventures. I have translated it from Swedish and cleaned up the worst bad language, but it’s mostly intact as the player wrote it.

This particular adventure was run using the original Swedish KULT 1st edition rules (the box set). I decided to set the adventure in our home city of Malmoe and neighboring Copenhagen as I thought that might enhance some of the more fantastic elements of the story as well as providing that familiarity with people and places (and I was many, many years before the TV-series “The Bridge”).

The adventure was also thought to be a lead-in to KULT, and is more of a crime story with supernatural undertones than an all-out KULT adventure.

The adventure was written and played back in 1992-1993 as I recall, so the technology is based on what was available at that time. Mobile phones were a thing of the rich and internet was only available at universities and such over here until 1994, when they became more widely available to the average home user, so those things are excluded from the adventure.

I also decided to set the adventure in vague near future alternative reality. For example, the Öresund bridge wasn’t finished until 2000, but it does exist in this adventure. The level of guns and shooting is also more on a par with the US or present-day Malmoe. There definitely wasn’t much shooting going on here back then.

Finally, the adventure contains issues that were important then. For example, there was a war between different criminal biker gangs going on at the time, so I decided to include them as the main bad guys.

The Protagonists:

Börje Sandqvist (aka Skinkkvist) – Homicide cop working for Malmoe Police Department and also our narrator. He has existential angst and problems with the booze and women.

Sebastian – Currently working as a bodyguard for the Mayor’s office. Sebastian’s past is a mystery. We know that his wife and son was murdered and that he has a drug problem as well as a drive for vengeance. A dangerous and unstable man.

Frank Ingram – African descendant born in London.  Works as a bouncer at various nightclubs and has connections with the criminal underworld. Frank has a past as a mercenary, something he doesn’t like to talk about.

Hans Ileus – Hardcore free lance journalist. Previous military experience as a Swedish Mountain Ranger.

Of these, Börje and Sebastian played all sessions, while Frank joined at the end and Hans only played one session (as I recall). The cool thing is that I still play RPGs with these guys – right now we’re in the middle of Masks of Nyarlahotep for Call of Cthulhu.

If there’s any interest, I might create a proper adventure PDF out of my notes. It’s all there – handouts, stats maps etc!

Anyway, here’s the story – enjoy!






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