I discovered the first Swedish edition of Kult back in 1991 and we played the heck out of the game in the early 1990s. Between 1995 and 2011 we had a long gaming hiatus due to adult life stuff. I’m sure you know all about those issues…

Since 2010-11 we have an active table group again, and play about one 6-8 hour session a month, mainly various BRP/d100 games and D&D style games, but also some WFRP. I also get to be a player, mainly in online games.

Favorite game systems are d100/BRP gaming but also various D&D games. The favorite genre is horror in all its incarnations: dark fantasy, SF horror, gothic horror/fantasy and of course Lovecraftian horror and the unfathomable personal horror that is Kult.

Other than blogging and gaming, I also publish my own game materials, mainly adventures, under the fictive imprint Lazy Sod Press.